What Is a Good SAT Score in 2018? You can find a complete report of SAT results for the class of 2018 on our website. ... What Parents Need to Know about ACT and SAT Studying Prep; Average ACT scores and percentage of graduates taking the ACT, by state: 2014 and 2018 2011, America's Youth: Transitions to Adulthood, Table 16. Average ACT scores and percentage of graduates taking the ACT, by state: 2014 and 2018 2011, America's Youth: Transitions to Adulthood, Table 16. Advertisement On the ACT, where the top score is 36, Florida’s average composite score was a 19.9, slightly better than last year’s score but below the national average of 20.8. The national ACT average composite score is 20. Source: ACT.org *For percentiles not reported in official data, estimated ACT scores/ranges have been given. Nationally, the results also showed a dip – from an average composite of 21 in 2016-2017. Founded in 1888, BYU - Idaho is located on a 430-acre campus in Rexburg, a small city in eastern Idaho with easy access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. The national average composite score for 2018 was 20.8, ACT reported. Arkansas' high school Class of 2018 earned an average score of 19.4 on the ACT college entrance exam, unchanged from the composite score earned by the previous class. If you get significantly higher than 21, you will have beaten out a majority of test takers. Brigham Young University - Idaho is a private university with an acceptance rate of 96%. Sources: ACT National Profile Report 2018, National Norms for 2019-2020 Remember that each ACT section, and the overall composite score, are scored between 1 and 36.. Take a look at the upcoming national 2018-2019 ACT test dates here (PDF). The average ACT composite score nationally has stayed in a narrow range the past five years — 21.0 for the Classes of 2014, 2015 and 2017, and 20.8 for the Classes of 2016 and 2018. It covers three primary areas examined by race/ethnicity: 1) cohort size, 2) percent of students meeting college readiness benchmarks, and 3) average ACT score. The average national STEM score—a combination of the ACT math and science scores—was 20.9 in 2018, down from 21.1 in 2017. Have a peek at the table below.

With a possible top score of 36 in each section of the test, a 30.1 places 2018 Academy graduates well above the national average of 20.8 and the New Mexico average of 19.4. We also calculate average SAT scores by state, gender, race/ethnicity, and other demographics. In total, 61,253 students (11th and 12th graders in 2018) took the test with a Composite score average of 21.3. Total SAT score: 1068. That mark beat the national average score of 20.8 and bested the state’s 2017 average score of 21.4, according to an annual report released by ACT early Wednesday. The ACT is offered in September, October, December, February, April, June and July. ... By looking at percentiles, we’re able to get a pretty good idea of how your SAT score stacks up to the national average. SAT Percentiles. This report is an analysis of 10 years of data originally collected by ACT®, Inc. and presented in annual National Profile Reports from 2007 to 2016.

Around three-fourths (76%) of 2018 ACT-tested graduates said they aspire to … This means that if you get a composite score of 21 or higher, you will beat half the other high school students in the country. It is also the first time an Academy class has surpassed the 30-point mark. Massachusetts and Connecticut students led the way in composite ACT scores in the United States in 2019, with an average composite score of 25.5 points out of 36. The average ACT score is 21. The highest ACT score you can get is 36. That means if you score between a 20 and 21 on the ACT this will put you right in the middle of the pack. In 2018, the national average ACT score was 20.8, broken down like this: ACT Test (Section) Average Score (2019) English: 20.2: Math: 20.5: Reading: 21.3: Science: 20.7: Composite: 20.7: However, keep in mind that these numbers come from an incredibly large pool of students (over 2 million, according to the National Center for Education Statistics!) Minnesota Highlights Class of 2018 Minnesota student's average composite score of 21.3 (on a scale of 1 to 36) was higher than the national score of 20.8; and first among 19 states who had 89 percent of graduating class take the test. What is the Average ACT Score. The average ACT score is 20.8. College Aspirations High, but Often Not Realized Student aspirations are high. In it, you’ll notice that scores are listed alongside percentiles. The test was created and designed to have this average score on the overall ACT exam, as well as within each ACT section. SAT Averages vs. Your score will be higher than 50% of other test takers but also lower than the other 50% of test-takers.

Number of students who took the ACT and percentage of ACT test-taking population meeting college readiness benchmark scores, by subject: Academic years 1996–97 through 2009–10

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