sidekick "helper", person or animal who helps detective investigate the case. Feedback. a year ago. Finish Editing.

Live Game Live.

5 Questions Show answers. Start. victim. During the Quiz End of Quiz. an advance or discovery that helps solve a crime . Mystery Vocabulary Words. Difficulty. Test. __ 3. crime: C. an excuse that a suspect uses to show he was somewhere else. Edit. Mystery Vocabulary Quiz __ 1. alibi: A. Spell.

Share practice link. Created by. DRAFT. by flthu586_04418. Test. Gravity.


Solo Practice. Something that helps proves who committed the crime. Solo Practice. Homework. person who tells on someone else. 1. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game.

a fact or object that helps to solve mysteries. __ 4. detective/sleuth: D. A false lead that throws the investigator off track. Homework. This quiz involves murder, intrigue and a hefty amount of brain power.

Sequential Easy First Hard First. Live Game Live. 5th grade . Quiz Maker; Training Maker; Knowledge Base; Survey Maker; Help Desk; Collaborate; Live Chat; Project; Discuss; Brain Games; See All;; Related Flashcards . English. Edit. Write. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. PLAY. Mascot Murder Mystery (Logic Puzzle) We always suspected something was wrong with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Quiz Flashcard. PLAY.

Settings. by torreskl. This quiz is incomplete! Created by. STUDY. Spell. Practice. Practice.

Gravity. Learn.

person to whom the crime happened. This quiz is incomplete! Mystery vocabulary. A person who investigates mysteries and gathers information. Question 1 Flashcards. Finish Editing. Played 22 times.

Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. 3rd grade . 0. Play. Share practice link. Flashcards. Played 595 times. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Mystery Vocabulary! STUDY. 2 years ago. Edit. 90% average accuracy. 10 Questions | By Emily34 | Last updated: Jan 18, 2013 .

Terms in this set (20) alibi. Other. 1.

This quiz is incomplete! 84% average accuracy. an excuse that an accused person uses to show that he/she was somewhere else than at the scene of the crime. private eye/private investigator/ detective investigating the case. Delete Quiz. zipzip89.

Memory challenge. Play as. You might need to find a lie detector before playing this logic quiz. Learn. Edit. Mystery Vocabulary . __ 2. clue: B.

Terms in this set (17) sleuth. This quiz is incomplete! breakthrough. 1,769,872 PLAYS.



A-Meena. Match.

clue. Delete Quiz. The Heinous Lying Logic Puzzle.

Those eyes are filled with evil. Save. Match. To play this quiz, please finish editing it.

__ 5. evidence: E. Something that is secret or unknown.

Mystery Vocabulary DRAFT. This quiz is incomplete! Save. 0.

suspect. crime.

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