You can ask the court for custody of the child. My daughter got a teenage pregnancy and she - I often do work in a maternity clinic, so she was given choices and she decided to keep the baby. How could this happen? My teen daughter is pregnant—what do we do? What are my rights if I establish paternity? A few times Cara had said to me, … She had amazing support from her parents and my Dad, she took a year out of education to look after me then went to college to get her o levels. You've just found out your daughter is pregnant. You and your family can, too. However she also says she wants to keep the baby. Whatever influences the teens have been under to lead them to sin can’t be avoided now. With my daughter being a minor what are my rights to her responsibilities?What are the boyfriends parents rights?What are my daughter's boyfriends parents rights? That same teenage daughter you thought was only interested in cheerleading and getting good results in school. I'm a professional in the child-care field, and thought everyone at work would think I was a failure as a parent. Help! You have the right to object to adoption of the child if you wish to raise the child. My 15 year old daughter is pregnant she is not emancipated she still lives with me and is still in my sole custody and care and is now doing homebound schooling. You and your daughter can get through it by remaining objective as you consider all the options. However, if you’ve found your way to this article, this is likely the situation you are currently facing. In this situation, you may feel disappointed, angry, or shocked. My Daughter’s Pregnant – One Mom’s Story Parenting Pregnancy Relationships // CollageCenter // 66 comments This week’s post comes from a mother of one of our Collage clients. Do they still have parenting rights over me? (Until paternity is established, an unmarried mother will have sole custody of the child.) “My teenage daughter is pregnant” are not words that any parent wants to say or admit. Teenage pregnancy: taking the long view The age of your teenager is obviously going to make a difference to how you feel about their pregnancy. This new situation is not about the morality of out-of-wedlock sex or the reputation of a family. Whether you have a pregnant teen daughter or a teenage son who is expecting a child, you probably don’t know what to do next. I'm the product of a teenage pregnancy, my mum was 15 when she fell pregnant and 16 when I was born. Do I still have to live with them? When your teenage daughter breaks the news that she's pregnant, you may immediately give in to worry: How this will affect her future? She says that she wants to keep the baby which I will not push her to have an abortion I dont feel it's the right thing to do. What will other people think? what are his rights? How you will cope as a grandparent? Like most parents, you may have never imagined your daughter would get pregnant at such a young age.

Got a job a few years later and moved into her first home with me and my dad when she was 20.

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