5 In other words, the $28,000 in state and local investment results in $355,000 reduced government spending and increased tax revenues across all levels of government. The National Honor Society is the premier organization honoring high school student achievement. 4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future Facebook Tweet Pin Email Schools are looking for applicants who can show that they have strong leadership qualities and experiences and can demonstrate that they will actively contribute to their student/alumni communities, not to mention to the greater community and society. In this lesson, we'll look at an example to exemplify contributions outside the classroom: Bob is a teacher who supports his students, their families, and the learning community in many ways. A productive educational system ensures that the society experiences constant production of reliable and motivated individuals.
Educators also serve as a drive for creativeness and innovation (Hargreaves 64). Teachers also teach students on how to solve various problems facing the human race in the modern world. Here are just a few options to help you find one that fits your interests. You have to be extremely patient, and caring.
Student is an important pillar in building and educated society as education is the basis for living in a … • Reach out to student organizations such … It happens in many parts of the world. One contribution is using the knowledge that you have abtained, and passing it on to others who could use it in future circumstances. It is one of the key components that can make or break a culture’s advancement. I chose nursing as a career because I thought it was a good use of my talents -- and I wouldn't feel satisfied with my life if i weren't contributing something positive to society. Students' contribution to Social Causes Introduction The Indian youth consists of students from various socio-cultural backgrounds and ever since the days of British occupation students in India have played a major role in the society and politics of this country. Students earn membership into NHS by demonstrating “excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character,” according to its website. You should definatly dig down deep in how you feel. Contribute positively to your community You have many options to contribute positively to your community and be a positive role model to other students.

Society is a group of people who commonly share values, requirements and interests. Education plays a major role in the growth and progress of a society.

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