And during the construction workers uncovered certain things within the walls that speak of the buildings history that closed in 1970. The Mohawk Institute operated as a residential school for 142 years.

The Mohawk Institute was the oldest continuously operated Anglican residential school in Canada. It was established in 1828 as the Mechanics’ Institute, a day school for native boys from the Six Nations Reserve at present day Brantford, Ontario. Mohawk Institute Residential School. It was the operated by the Anglican Church of Canada from its founding as the "Mechanics' Institute" (a day school for boys on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve) in 1828 until 1969, when control was handed over to the Canadian federal government. The first residential school, the Mohawk Institute, opened in Canada in 1831, but most were established after 1880. 1857 | Gradual Civilization Act. Too many of us struggle and journey to regain some sense of balance and harmony in life – particularly in relationships, parenting and spirituality. The devastating effects of Residential Schools continues to impact those of us who lived in institutional care as children.
“Indeed, that was one of the reasons why this building, a former Mohawk Institute Indian residential school was built,” he said. In 1892 the government sanctioned the churches to run the schools.

The Mohawk Indian Residential School, otherwise known to Survivors as the “Mushhole” on account of the poor food or ‘mush’ served there, opens in Brantford, Ontario. The Mohawk Village Memorial Park is an initiative of residential school survivors.
It is oldest residential school considered part of the Residential School System as defined by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA). A building that was once the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School is being renovated in southern Ontario. The system included industrial schools, day schools, and residential schools. 1831. The building is an important site for education and healing for the Six Nations of the Grand River near Brantford, Ont.

Hidden under a stairwell were signatures and writings of … Brantford, Ontario.

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