These are the Romeo and Juliet laws, so-called because Romeo is believed to have been 16 years old, and Juliet 13. People often play the "what if" game, and it can be fun, but the story wouldn't be as famous if it was a happy ending like most of the rest of the stories similar to Romeo and Juliet . It wouldn't be much of a story, let alone a tragedy. Teens Disappear in a Possible 'Modern-Day Romeo and Juliet' Jackson Powell and Nicole Dones's parents had issues with their relationship By Ken Lee Girl meets boy, her father disapproves. As an act of anger and avengement, Romeo … Overall, there are some similarities between the Montagues, Capulets and present day gangs. Romeo and Juliet: Modern Connections? This quote shows the involvement of officers in Romeo and Juliet. The Montegues and Capulets can be well compared to present day gangs. Down with the Montagues! Posted by Sarah Alfieri on Monday, March 13, 2017 in 1010 blog posts, Blog posts.. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet remains one of the famous playwright’s most popular works, retaining an enduring influence of the life of modern day Americans. The zero-tolerance law is an example. and find homework help for other Romeo and Juliet questions at eNotes In Act III, Scene 1, Tybalt of the Capulet family kills Mercutio, of the Montegue family. Hi, i need help with this! Romeo would be a sex offender today. Few of the students entering Neely Auditorium at Vanderbilt University on Saturday, February 25 to enjoy the Actors from the London … Discuss.' So far, i have three-> the presence of musicians at weddings, the presence of religion and the 'burial' of Juliet. Juliet would be stuck with Paris, and Romeo stuck being a hopeless lover of Rosaline. What connections are there to present day from act four scene one to act four scene four? "(Romeo and Juliet). They're a prime example of how present day gangs react to one another. They were working to get rid of the violence. Get an answer for 'Romeo and Juliet contains themes that are still applicable today. It is a story as old as time but unlike Romeo and Juliet, a couple arrested in Yemen have sparked a major Facebook campaign. The modern aspect of the city would be used for the fight scene and a more traditional setting would be used during the exchange between Romeo and Juliet on the subject of love. This would emphasise the change in the style of language which she uses in the play. Officers often act the same with present day gangs.

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