Responsible Drinking is the workbook of Moderation Management. I don’t know how many people succeed with it; I only hear from those who transition to abstainence (in as far as each 12-Step organization treats bottom-line behaviour. 5:30 P.M. She aligns herself with those scientists who believe there is no biological basis for alcoholism, which leads Kishline to the conclusion that drinking to excess is a "learned behavior" rather than a disease. 4 P.M. “ But what about the real alcoholic? Not to be outdone, the other joins in with his own chorus of sobs. For Info Email Romola: boynton@moderation… THERAPISTS. STEPS OF CHANGE. (If your life is challenged by alcohol, you have arrived at the right place.) Moderation Management isn’t wrong to offer people choices. Florida: Moderation Management Comes to Boynton Beach! One is wailing because she poked herself in the eye. I soothe them. It‘s free; check it out. For information call Dianne: (303) 921-5125 Or Email: . By Moderation Management, Edited by Mary Reid This book is for anyone who is concerned about their drinking, whether they drink too many when they drink or drink too often! is a lay-led non-profit dedicated to reducing the harm caused by the abuse of alcohol. If you seek professional support, consider starting your search here. RESPONSIBLE DRINKING. BOYNTON BEACH ZOOM MEETINGS! This book offers a real alternative to the 32 million Americans who are problem drinkers. Because I here the moderation management let-downs becasuse, in 12-Step rooms, I hear their story. Then I soothe myself, uncorking a half-empty bottle of Pinot Grigio I pull from the fridge. Based on extensive scientific literature supporting moderation as a resolution for drinking problems, Responsible Drinking is the only book with research-based techniques that will help non-alcoholic readers overcome their drinking problems.This revolutionary workbook by the leading This book offers a real alternative to the 32 million Americans who are problem drinkers. The kids are having a meltdown. Kishline, founder and president of Moderation Management, presents a nine-step plan for those who wish to moderate their alcohol intake rather than quit altogether. Moderation Management Meetings Every Other Week Meetings from 6:00 - 7:00PM, on the 2nd and 4th Mondays Held by Phone until further notice! Our listed Therapists are Moderation-Friendly. Self Management • Balance • Moderation • Personal Responsibility. Zoom Video Meetings are available. Get Started Now! Reading this book will help you understand MM. Steps of Change has been described as ‘Responsible Drinking Light’.

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