Compulsory military service for both genders. Type A would be small countries facing significant national security threats and in dire need of a strong and numerous army. While it has become a common aspect of society for women to serve in the military, they have not always received equal power or recognition. We should not have such examples as president with multiple opportunities to serve our nation and refusing sending young man off to war. In this view, military training should be made compulsory for all, and every one should be called up for military service. I completely agree with a 24 month stint of Service to the country, whether it be in the Military, in Civil Service, or walk the heck back and lose social benefits. List of Cons of Mandatory Military Service. Military service should absolutely be mandatory. Military service should be compulsory: your say. If you and everyone you knew had to serve in the military you would have a greater respect for what it means and more understanding and concern for what the country involves itself in. Compulsory military training can be taken up after graduation and should be completed anytime before graduation. Aside from promoting a great sense of nationalism and patriotism among citizens, this will allow people to acquire new skill sets that can be useful later on in life. Conscription, sometimes called the draft, is the compulsory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service. Civilian service for the age of 21) Eritrea (16 months) Israel (32 months for men (soon to be 30 months in 2020) and 2 years for women) Morocco (1 year) Norway (19 months, selective) North Korea (10 years for men, upon high school completion to 23 years of age for women)

Its policy of mandatory military service for both genders is long-standing, though current and expectant mothers as well as women with certain religious beliefs are exempt. A debate on compulsory military service. Cape Verde (2 years selective) Chad (3 years for men. In the USA, it shouldn’t. The training period can be of 6-12 months depending on which branch the person shows a capacity for. But (and here is my but), I feel that the age should not be at 18, but at 21. Draft Time: This Is Why and How America Should Have Compulsory Military Service. -uday shankar (01/22/15) it should be made compulsory but only for childrens in school&college .as india is a mixed economy everyone is runing behind money.this training will help them in understanding the social responsibility & duties towards our country . In what country?

The army also offers numerous chances of basic as well as higher education. 1 year for women.

A nation that nurtures its young should be protected at all times.

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