a metaphor for sth definition: 1. a symbol that represents a particular thing: 2. a symbol that represents a particular thing: . The warm yearning is building inside of my heart and scorching the tips of my fingers with a curiosity i have never known. It begins as a thick mass which dissipates as it ascends until it finally becomes undetectable somewhere above us. The red sun burns to ashes, and under its flame we are left with dust. This is the essence of Smoke.

Favorite Answer. where there's smoke, there's fire When there is some indication of a problem or wrongdoing, such a thing probably occurred or exists. The investigation wouldn't be taking this long if there weren't any real leads. Where there's smoke, there's fire. The medication was chemical burn, and the fire emoursed throughout my temple until i exchaled smokeā€¦ A Metaphor to describe fire? Answer Save. Typically the diviner would build a sacred fire then observe flames and/or smoke naturally occurring from that fire or other components.
this Smoke as it leaves the fire and ascends toward the sky above. Learn more. As we watch, we notice that the Smoke begins to dissipate as it ascends until it is finally becomes invisible; as if swallowed up by the heavens above. Various additives to the fire included salt, plant parts (including laurel leaves), turtle shell, and straw.

The smoke from an ordinary wood fire contains hundreds of compounds known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, and irritating to the respiratory system. 1 decade ago.

4 Answers. Relevance ? When an item was tossed on the flame with a question, a quick demise represented acceptance with the Divine and a good omen. Column of smoke has been used so often as a standard phrase that it is difficult to call it a metaphor.

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