The mentor is responsible for providing support to, and feedback on, the individual in his or her charge. This scenario is common. However, a good and productive mentoring relationship with the right person will provide huge benefits to you both. Mentoring and Coaching – An Overview ... coaching and mentoring is in the length of time they take but that is somewhat of a fallacy.

mentoring: Employee training system under which a senior or more experienced individual (the mentor) is assigned to act as an advisor, counselor, or guide to a junior or trainee. The mentor becomes a source of wisdom, teaching, and support, but not someone who observes and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in daily work. Mentoring is available to all academic, academic Related and Research staff across the organisation. Definition and Focus Role Approach Tools Although differences exist between mentoring and coaching, they do share some comparable characteristics as well: An organization is not required to choose between mentoring … Mentoring relationships are not for everyone, and may not be appropriate for every stage in your career. Both are finite relation-ships, the average lifespan being six to eighteen months. This manager needs to be more in tune with the company culture, and the engineering director agrees. Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. There is confusion about mentoring and coaching skills. mentoring is still simply about a regular one-to -one meeting to support the learner in their desire to improve their personal situation , their work life and their future.

mentoring relationship, whether formal or informal. Mentoring can develop into a friendship and, therefore, last Use it to plan your mentoring interactions. See Appendix III.) Although mentors can be sought for various spheres of one’s life, this guide focuses on mentoring within a professional context. It is well worth spending time to find a suitable mentor if you feel that this would be helpful to your learning and development. (A companion guide, Mentoring Guide: A Guide for Protégés, is also available. A mentor can offer the right kind of support for you if YOU are: • willing to take responsibility for your goals • willing to reflect on what you want out of the relationship use mentoring and coaching skills.

As such it has some similarities to the other learning interventions of coaching, buddying, Part of the challenge is the terms are used interchangeably. Explaining the difference between mentoring and coaching with defi- However, the definition, focus, role, approach, and tools of each are different.

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