Kent and Medway residents are being reminded of support services available during Covid-19 as Mental Health Awareness Week - running May 18 to 24 - highlights the theme of kindness. By Vanessa Chalmers Health Reporter For ... One in ten five to 16-year-olds have a diagnosable mental disorder, but only 70 per cent have had access to treatment at a … With it being such a big part in people lives, surely it should be talked about at school? Find out more. Poor mental health is a big contributor to presenteeism and absence. The Edinburgh Reporter’s Mike Smith is a qualified hypnotherapist. Have you read our newest publication on kindness and it's benefits on your mental health? Mental health is a big topic that you often find is talked about almost every day in the media.

Openwork is marking Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of initiatives and activities aimed at promoting the importance of mental and physical wellbeing for its staff and advisers. Browse our full listing of publications, reports and papers.

In 2017, the U.S. rate was 14 per 100,000 people, up 33 percent from 1999. How to look after your mental health. How to manage and reduce stress. The latest news, advice and tips on mental health from HuffPost UK U.K. edition News Latest News World News Donald Trump US Elections 2020 Explainers Investigations Doing good does you good. M ental health is a significant issue for businesses, impacting productivity, morale and engagement. It … Suicides — often precipitated by mental health struggles — are rising. How to support good mental health at work. How to overcome fear and anxiety.

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