Measles is a dangerous, contagious disease with no treatment or cure. Measles is so contagious that 90% of people who aren't immune will get the disease if they're close to someone who has it. Usually babies are protected from measles for about six months after birth because of the immunity passed on from their mothers. Measles is a type of paramyxovirus that's highly contagious, causing symptoms like red eyes, fever, sore throat, and a cough, followed by a rash that starts on the face several days later. If your baby gets the measles or mumps, it can lead to meningitis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), measles infects over 30 million people worldwide each year. Young babies under the age of 12 months; People with a poor immune system - for example: Those on chemotherapy. Despite the low rate of measles in developed countries, the disease still breaks out all over the world. Still, outbreaks do happen. “‘A mild case of measles’ doesn’t translate—it attacks all the cells in your body; it bothers your heart, lungs, brain and liver,” says Sharon Nachman, MD, division chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. Measles Symptoms in Babies and Prevention by Home treatment & MMR Vaccine Posted on June 14, 2017 June 15, 2017 Author Dr. Alamgir Hossain Shemul Leave a comment As a Doctor of Children’s, I have recently seen some measles affected babies. Measles is relatively easy to prevent with a vaccine, which is usually given at about 1 year of age and again at age 4-6.

In the event that measles is contracted, the best treatment plan involves plenty of rest and the attention of a trained medical professional.

It is characterized by a prodrome of fever (as high as 105°F) and malaise, cough, coryza, and conjunctivitis -the three “C”s -, a pathognomonic enanthema (Koplik spots) followed by a maculopapular rash external icon.The rash usually appears about 14 days after a person is exposed. Rubella is a contagious disease that mostly affects children. Measles can be serious. Measles outbreaks in Australia are now generally started by someone bringing the disease with them from overseas. People taking steroid medication. Measles in babies can be deadly; it kills more than 100,000 people a year worldwide, most under the age of 5. Measles is an acute viral respiratory illness. People who have certain illnesses which affect their immune system, such as HIV. Health experts hope to one day eradicate measles just as smallpox has been wiped out, but unfortunately, measles is still a big concern worldwide. Then, when someone with measles coughs, sneezes or talks, infected droplets spray into the air, where other people can inhale them. Causes. Measles is a highly contagious illness caused by a virus that replicates in the nose and throat of an infected child or adult. Measles is rare in the United States thanks to widespread immunization.

What it does have, though, is a low-cost vaccine that’s 97% effective in preventing the virus. This is given in 2 doses as part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme . The virus has to run its course. Common complications are ear infections and diarrhea. A child who is sick should drink plenty of liquids, get lots of rest, and stay home from school or daycare to prevent spreading the infection. Children younger than 5 and adults older than 20 are more likely to have complications from measles than people of other ages. This vaccine protects against those viruses. Measles can be prevented by having the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. TREATING MEASLES IN CHILDREN INTRODUCTION This PowerPoint slide set and booklet contain information for averting deaths from measles and for minimizing the severity of complications of the disease through proper case management.

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