Joe Louis was the 10-to-1 favorite over the German boxer Max Schmeling before their first bout on June 19, 1936. Anti-German propaganda was at an all time high in much of the West. Max Schmeling is the Mohammed Ali of German boxing, a sporting legend and often fingered as one of the few German celebrities that stayed "decent" in the times of Adolf Hitler and the NS-Regime (he refused to rat out neither against his Jewish manager nor his "non-Aryan" wife and retained a friendship with the colored boxer Joe Louis). Schmeling falleció en 2005 a la edad de 99 años. Schmeling reluctantly accepted his role as a propaganda tool. Terminaba así la historia de la amistad entre dos campeones a quienes la propaganda había presentado como "archienemigos" pero que habían sabido imponer su lado humano sobre cualquier dictado político recibido. Matters were more serious outside of the ring. Max Schmeling, Germany's former world heavyweight champion, who has died aged 99, will primarily be remembered as the boxer who lost the most politically charged sporting bout in history. He was famous for his title bouts against Joe Louis.

On 22 June 1938, on the verge of World War II, came the Schmeling-Louis rematch.
Prior to the ’38 re-match, Germany had annexed Austria in the Anschluss.

Fierce Nazi propaganda centring around race and religion was abound. Schmeling is an amazing figure. He served as a paratrooper in the German Army in WWII.

On that occasion, the propaganda services carried out a thorough work: on the one hand, President Roosevelt, while on the other, Adolf Hitler publicized their meeting with their respective boxers, thus converting the duel into a clash of world powers: Louis represented democracy values, Schmeling stood for fascism. His title and image were used as a propaganda tool … While some have criticized him for not distancing himself from Hitler, it should be noted that Schmeling's manager for all 14 of his fights in the United States was an American Jew named Joe Jacobs. Schmeling had several high profile fights against American boxers during the 1930s, including Jack Sharkey, Max Baer and Joe Louis. Perhaps from the "I had no idea he was alive" files: Max Schmeling is dead at 99.

Schmeling by virtue of his citizenship became a hate figure outside of his homeland. Each man was fighting for a shot at the world heavyweight boxing championship. Corbis. Max Schmeling. Perhaps best remembered in the ring for his two fights with Joe Louis, heavyweight champion Max Schmeling remains unjustly associated with Nazi Germany and was unfairly depicted as a villain in the United States.

Another example was boxer Max Schmeling, who was world heavyweight champion between 1930 and 1932.

The incredible true story of two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Max Schmeling, who rose to fame in the ring before reluctantly serving in the German Air Force during World War II.

The Nazis continued to use sport for political ends.

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