Get a 100% Unique Essay on Mary Ainsworth. The aims of this study were to assess how infants between 9 and 18 months behave under conditions of mild stress in order to test stranger anxiety, separation anxiety and … for $13,9/Page. Mary Ainsworth Attachment Theory Mary Ainsworth the psychologists who provide the most detailed analyst research on an individual attachment offering explanations. Theory was continued by Mary Ainsworth, who added greatly to the original concept of attachment discovered that the theory consisted of three main sub-behaviours or attachment styles, i.e.

Mary Ainsworth: Attachment theory. She observed mothers and their children and she postulated the attachment style, namely secure, avoidant and anxious attachment. in 1978 to measure attachment. Mary Ainsworth expanded on Bowlby’s theory when she joined Bowlby’s research unit. Get Essay ” These women are just a few who have made tremendous contributions and marks on psychology. Like for instants we has adults teenagers know enough how we feel when the person leaves or apart from us and we are able to explain in it words. John Bowlby was the original founder of attachment theory this began after World War II where he found many children became orphans at a very young age and concluded that attachment was crucial for development (Miler, 2011). She called the technique used called Strange Situation Classification she also stated that results may vary from between children. Get a 100% Unique Essay on Mary Ainsworth Attachment Theory. Her psychological methods and study, dubbed as Ainsworth’s “Strange Situation” in 1970, revealed the insightful results of attachment on behaviour. for $13,9/Page. Ainsworth elaborated on Bowlby's research on attachment and developed an approach to observing a child's attachment to a caregiver. Originally there was three attachment classifications, secure, avoidant, and ambivalent (Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters, & Wall, 1978). Secure, Ambivalent and Avoidant attachment. Significance Attachment theory, first formulated by John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth is one of the leading frameworks in developmental psychology. Get Essay.

Mary Ainsworth (December 1, 1913 – March 21, 1999) was a developmental psychologist perhaps best known for her Strange Situation assessment and contributions to the area of attachment theory.

The background, theoretical approach, and contributions of Mary Ainsworth are very significant to the field psychology even still today. Essay Attachment Theory, By John Bowlby And Mary Ainsworth. In doing so Mary Ainsworth devised an experiment to discover and identify attachment styles. The strange situation was a testing procedure created by Mary Ainsworth et al. Based on her research, she identified three major styles of … Stop Using Plagiarized Content.

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