Marine Biodiversity; About Us; Ocean Governance; 10 Proposals for the Ocean; Statement: IOC's Contribution; Facts and figures on marine pollution. You can find the answer by reading these 17 Importance of Ocean Biodiversity. Land-based sources (such as agricultural run-off, discharge of nutrients and pesticides and untreated sewage including plastics) account for approximately 80% of marine pollution, globally. doi: 10.17226/4923. This feature contains the latest data on the extent and the distribution of the world's biodiversity. Other animals are mammals that need to come to surface to breathe, but spend much of their lives in the water. By the year 2100, without significant changes, more than half of the world’s marine species may stand on the brink of extinction. The underwater world in this archipelago is considered the epicenter of biodiversity across the globe. Many of the animals, such as fish, have gills that allow them to breathe the water. × Save. As interesting as they can be, what’s so special about it? The Marine Ecosystem is the Largest Ecosystem on Earth Marine Biodiversity is Changing and it Matters. Facts about Biodiversity 5: Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Although shark bites get a lot of attention, this is far less than the number of people injured each year by elephants, bees, crocodiles , lightning or many other natural dangers. These marine habitats support a rich biodiversity, and a major subsistence and moderate commercial fisheries. Context - Biodiversity contributes to many aspects of human well-being, for instance by providing raw materials and contributing to health.. Marine Biodiversity is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to all aspects of biodiversity research on marine ecosystems. This forest is a home to millions of insects, 1,350 species of vertebrates and 20,000 plant species. The marine biome has the most biodiversity of all the biomes. Approximately 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and most of that is marine. Marine ecosystems include not just the oceans but also shorelines, tidepools, estuaries, barrier islands, mangrove forests, and salt marshes.

One of them is located in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Another type of marine animal is the mollusk which has a soft body and no backbone. The ocean constitutes over 90% of the habitable space on the planet. The ocean has a much higher phylogenetic diversity: 30% of phyla are exclusively marine, whereas only one phylum is exclusively terrestrial. Biodiversity loss, also called loss of biodiversity, a decrease in biodiversity within a species, an ecosystem, a given geographic area, or Earth as a whole. One Introduction. Facts and figures on marine biodiversity. Ocean biodiversity points out to all the different marine species that we have in our oceans. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Here are the top 5 facts about marine ecosystem.. Other than the sea creatures, it also refers to their habitat and the surrounding ocean’s environments. Cancel. In particular, the country has the third largest area of mangrove within the Pacific Island region (517 sq km). The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment shows that human actions often lead to irreversible losses in terms of diversity of life on Earth and these losses have been more rapid in the past 50 years than ever before in human history.

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