In conclusion, many giant companies increase their sales by advertising.

The main reason advertisements … For example, the advertising industry employs tens of thousands of people.

What makes the advertisements effective? Most successful companies use advertisements for increasing sales.

Public service ads often promote great … In my opinion, it is as beneficial as harmful for the society. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to the society? 84; Someone think the best … I consider this as a positive trend for society as ads … They can make it more effective by using popular figures as their brand model and by making adverts based on real life incidents. In this era, the advertisement industry plays a vital role for any country’s social and economic progress. What are the main reasons that make an advertisement effective? Nowadays, most of the companies tend to achieve their sales targets through attractive and meaningful advertisements. Answer: Nowadays all the reputed companies are using advertisements to increase their sales … Advertising not only boosts sales; it also benefits the society in many ways. 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Still, advertising … There are few causes why advertising is so productive. Is this a good thing or bad thing for society? Many companies use advertisements to increase sales. It is common that advertisements are used by companies in order to increase sales.

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