Malcolm feels this article is necessary to be made because people do not understand the significance of what reading can benefit one. In Boston, he displays his white girlfriend Sophia as a status symbol, viewing her less as a person than as an enviable object that he owns. Facebook Twitter. 6 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Malcolm X’s Life. Malcolm in turn dehumanizes certain white people as revenge for his own subjugation. SHARES. It can open a whole new world to the one you are living in right now. When he was child he was orphaned and went from foster house to foster house and later became involved in crime. However, when after many years of anti–white rhetoric in the Nation of Islam, Malcolm meets white-skinned people in Mecca who treat him as an equal, he begins to acknowledge …

What is Malcolm X's thesis statement in "Learning to Read"? I believe it is "I knew right there in prison that reading had changed forever the course of my life. Malcolm X’s exigence is to let the world know that reading and writing are important.

He was self-disciplined and self-taught through a miniature encyclopedia in a prison library but did have the sponsorship of the Norfolk Prison Colony Library, which provided him book and Elijah Mohammed, whom's teachings inspired him gather more knowledge through reading. As I see it today, the ability awoke inside me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive", but I am not one hundred percent sure. Get an answer for 'Examine the importance of reading in changing Malcolm X's life.' Both are very important when it comes to being successful.

Today marks the 52 nd anniversary since we lost one of our greatest figures of the 20 th century. Reading Response: Malcolm X Malcolm X a famous civil rights leader had a "homemade education". 1.8k.

and find homework help for other The Autobiography of Malcolm X questions at eNotes In ” Learning to Read” Malcolm X argues how he struggled to read and write because of his childhood.

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