One of Macbeth supernatural quotes, it is said by Banquo as he questions the witches. Macbeth’s first meet with the supernatural was the ignition of his ambition to kill for his own success; the second encounter of the supernatural allowed his sanity and judgment to wander off to a murderer’s mind with the basis of 1 Educator Answer In Macbeth Act IV scene i, describe the role of the supernatural elements of the scene. What are two quotes that show Lady Macbeth manipulating Macbeth in Macbeth? Supernatural Forces In Macbeth 1)Even today people struggle with whether or not to believe in supernatural forces, such as ghosts or witchcraft, but those who would admit that they let the supernatural guide their behaviors and I ended up writing about Macbeth and the supernatural, then slipped in something about Banquo's attitude and Macbeth's attitude to the witches being different level 1 Year 13 | English, History, Politics, ICT

Macbeth by Shakespeare tells the tale of a great soldier, who is prophesized to become the king of Scotland upon meeting three witches, commits regicide and a chain of crimes, which led to his own tragic demise. He is curious and wants to know if they have the ability to see into the future and determine which hopes and dreams will come true and Get Your Custom Essay on The supernatural in “Macbeth” Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper As a result, they indirectly lead him to his hallucinations of the dagger and Banquo’s ghost, which serve as reminders of his treason. The supernatural dominates all aspects of the play of Macbeth.. The supernatural are used throughout Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” to great effect. It creates horror, tension and suspense from the beginning and to the end of the story. Themes: Fate/Fortune, Appearance vs Reality, Nature vs Supernatural, Ambition Marshall’st = direct/guide ‘All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter’ This is Macbeth – Act 2: Scene 1, just before Macbeth murders Duncan.

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