About an hour north of Saskatoon, visit the remains of the Métis village of Batoche, the site of a four-day battle in 1885 between the Métis and the Canadian government’s North West Field Force.On an interpretive tour you’ll hear the story of the last, heroic stand of a resistance led by Gabriel Dumont and Métis political leader Louis Riel. It was a Métis victory, where Métis and Cree allies were led by Gabriel Dumont, Isidore Dumont and Louis Riel against the forces of the Canadian government sent to pacify the resistance. May 9 • The advance on Batoche began. The Manitoba Act or 1870 provided substantial land grants to the Métis at Red River. By 1885, the community numbered about 500 people. It is the site of the largest battle between the Métis and the North West Field Force of the Canadian Militia in 1885. In the village, Madeleine (Wilkie) Dumont, Gabriel’s wife, and the elderly Madame Marie (Hallet) Letendre cooked and tended the sick and wounded.

Batoche was a Métis village founded in 1870 near present-day Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Batoche National Historic Site of Canada is located near the South Saskatchewan River north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The site, which encompasses the vestiges of the Métis village of Batoche where the Carlton Trail crossed the river, is dominated by a church and rectory of the parish of St.-Antoine-de-Padoue, established by the oblates of Mary Immaculate in the late-19th century. Marguerite (née Dumas) Caron influenced Métis strategy during the 1885 Resistance. The Métis laid their farms out in long river-lot fashion, cultivating a small portion of them, but living principally by freighting, trading and raising cattle. • Métis lowered the ferry cable and disabled the smoke stacks and wheelhouse of the Northcote, a steamship loaded with Soon a little village flourished on the banks of the river.

The Battle of Batoche: May 9-12, 1885 As the NWFF prepared to take Batoche, the Métis mobilized in rifle pits along the river and near the village to wait for the attack. Learn More.

Section 31 set aside 1.4 million acres of land for distribution among the children of Métis heads of families residing in the province, while section 32 guaranteed all old settlers, Métis or white, “peaceable possession” of the lots they occupied in the Red River settlement prior to 15 July, 1870. We recognize the tremendous commitment the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan’s (MNS) has made to this festival over the past 49 years. In 1885, Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel led the Métis in the resistance against the federal government in a battle that changed the development of Western Canada.

It is important to commemorate significant historical events such as the 1885 Resistance at Batoche and ensure those struggles are not forgotten.

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