Louise Michel, a French anarchist and militant revolutionary, was one of the central figures of the Paris Commune, a government which ruled Paris for two months in 1871, before being violently shut down by the French army.

It’s not only the city of Love. So saintly and polymathic is this Louise Michel that The Red Virgin often reads like hagiography, though copious footnotes make clear just how …

Louise Michel, a school teacher and leader of the Commune, played a pivotal role in women’s groups and community associations, becoming the chairperson of the Montmartre Vigilance Committee.

Our Generation , 21, (Summer 1990) pp. Louise Michel did not. Our Generation , 21, (Summer 1990) pp.

On her return from her deportation in 1880 she campaigned until her death for women, strikers and anarchism.

Louise Michel "It is true, perhaps, that women like rebellions.

Anarcho-feminism and Louise Michel - Marian Leighton Marian Leighton on the beliefs and eventful life of the revolutionary Louise Michel.

The Union fought for better education for women and girls, gender and wage equality, and the right for a woman to divorce her husband. Louise Michel, one of the most inspiring figures of the Commune, belonged to both.

Louise Michel - Edith Thomas Well researched, thorough and detailed biography of legendary Paris communard, anarchist and French national hero of the late 19th century, translated by Penelope Williams in 1980. We are no better than men in respect to power, but power has not yet corrupted us".
A teacher, she became a republican, feminist and anarchist in the 1850s and 1860s.

Anarcho-feminism and Louise Michel - Marian Leighton Marian Leighton on the beliefs and eventful life of the revolutionary Louise Michel. Steve Shone’s Women of Liberty explores the many overlaps between ten radical, feminist, and anarchist thinkers: Tennie C. Claflin, Noe Itō, Louise Michel, Rose Pesotta, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mollie Steimer, Lois Waisbrooker, Mercy Otis Warren, and Victoria C. Woodhull. Louise Michel is another French feminist that lived and fought for the Paris Commune! Bourgeois' mother's family came from Aubusson, the French tapestry region, and both her parents owned an antique tapestry gallery at the time of her birth.

She was one of the first women to take an active part in the defence of the Paris Commune in 1871. Louise Bourgeois claimed to be named after Louise Michel (1830 – 1905), the ‘red virgin of Montmartre’ from the days of the French Commune who was infamously known for her anarchist feminist politics. Louise Michel, 1880 – WikiCommons.

Along with Minck, she was also a member of the Women’s Union.

Women initiated, lead and defended the social revolution of the Parisian working people against the French state.


Famously, she tore in half the red Commune scarf that she had managed to hide through her arrest, imprisonment, trial, and deportation, and gave one piece to two Kanak as they headed to battle.
Louise Michel was a an anarchist, feminist badass who fought during the Paris Commune and raised hell wherever she went. Such a bold allusion secures Louise Bourgeois’ status as one of the most eminent and provocative artists of all time.

Paris is not only a fancy city. She claimed that she was named after Louise Michel (1830-1905), an anarchist feminist from the days of the French Commune (1870-71).

22-29 The notorious, celebrated anarchist feminist veteran of the Commune supported the Kanak. Louise Michel: Rebel Lives, the story of anarcho-feminist teacher and revolutionary Louise Michel with commentaries by Emma Goldman, Bertolt Brecht, Sheila Rowbotham, Howard Zinn, … The Vigilance Committee held workshops, recruited ambulance nurses, gave aid to wives of soldiers, sent speakers to the clubs, and hunted draft dodgers who refused to serve in the people’s militia.

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