... knowledge question, and supported by a separate real life situation. Check out these 7 common real-life situations and see how you would react. These are the second-order claims made in TOK that are justified using the tools of TOK, which usually involve an examination of the nature of knowledge. 1. The areas of knowledge are how we divide up and label the knowledge we possess. The TOK course identifies 8 different areas of knowledge, but although the nature of the knowledge within them undoubtedly varies, you should be aware that there is a great deal of overlapping both amongst themselves, and with the ways of knowing. The rules of modern etiquette have changed in today’s world. Find a ‘real-life’ situation dealing with an ethical issues that can be viewed or perceived from two or more perspectives/lenses.
My teacher's—and Google's—answers as to where to find examples of real life situations and counter-arguments to support my arguments in an essay has not been adequate. This is important because we want to engage in thinking about real issues that we can really affect.
A ‘real-life situation’ is real; it is not hypothetical, imagined, or fabricated. The ToK course literature highlights that real-life situations are often used as examples in the essay, but these are merely employed to illustrate an idea or reinforce an argument. Contrastingly, in the presentation, real-life situations are the starting point of any ToK presentation. Knowledge Questions are questions meant to examine and engage with Knowledge Claims associated with real life situations. Constructing convincing arguments Your TOK presentation is all about constructing convincing arguments, which means supporting ideas with solid evidence, and using the language of TOK. A look at the dos and do nots of including real life situations in TOK essays and orals. An example of one of the claims I have made in my essay is "Knowledge’s ability to be quantified is relative to the definition knowledge is … If you could get a word in edgewise, over the pointing and rude interrupting, what we really want to know is … What Happened to Good Manners?

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