Land LawIn this essay I am going to advise Miss Stanfield of her position in five properties and how those interest may bind a potential buyer in light of existing legislation and precedent.

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Common law and equity, as found in English and American legal systems, rely strongly on the body of established precedents, although in the original development … Precedent, in law, a judgment or decision of a court that is cited in a subsequent dispute as an example or analogy to justify deciding a similar case or point of law in the same manner. Legislation is enacted before a case arises but the precedent comes into existence only after the case has arisen and taken for decision of the court. A Precedent can lay down a rule when a case comes before it. "Existing legislation and precedent" - read this full essay for FREE. Legislation is expressed in comprehensive form but the scope of judicial precedent is limited to similar cases only. The main purpose of the precedent is to interpret and to apply the law. I.INTRODUCTION There are two primarily source of law nowadays: the doctrine of precedent and the legislation. With particular refers to Land Registration Act 1925, amended by LRA 2002, Land Property Act 1925 land Charges Act 1972 and another legislation … The distinction between two of them is the origin where the law come from and how laws are created. Huge assortment of examples to help you write an essay. Thus, its emergence depends on litigation.

15 Differences between Legislation and Precedent are as follows: Legislation Generally, the statute law is brief, clear, easily accessible and knowable. It can be understood by an ordinary educated person.

Apart from those cases usually upheld by precedent and case law in the French Courts, the following events are deemed to be cases of force majeure: total or partial strikes (internal or …

The very aim of the legislation is to make law. Legislation as a source is indeed a long lasting nature of law, as contrasted to the custom which is the most established type of law and is followed by a particular sect The legislation is a fundamental characteristic for a present-day society while the customary law was created in a crude social order.

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