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But thanks to the open ground around the campanile of Pisa’s cathedral, the angle of the tower is startlingly clear, making for fantastic photo opportunities. Inaugurated in 2012, the Shard is a relative newcomer to London’s cityscape, but has already become a symbol of the city, something that Piano says is down to its accessibility and transparency.

Daring, awe-inspiring and momentous, Renzo Piano’s spire-like building commands the capital as it soars to a height of 309.6 metres (1,016 feet), containing its own vertical city within. Everyone knows this leaning tower but how about this one?

London’s buildings aren’t just slabs of concrete or bricks and mortar – they tell the stories of our city’s history.

In the 1960s and 1970s several high-rise buildings were built, located sporadically, mostly in the western side of Central London with some in …

Experts say the famous London landmark could go the same way as the iconic Italian monument. St Paul's Cathedral, built in 1710, was the tallest building in London at 111 metres (364 ft) until it was overtaken in 1963 by the Millbank Tower at 118 metres (387 ft), which in turn was overtaken by the BT Tower which topped out at 177 metres (581 ft) tall in 1964. The ‘Leaning’ Tower of Pisa is the world’s most infamous tilted building even though it’s not the oldest, the tallest or the furthest-leaning. By Felicity Spector It is one of London’s most famous landmarks – but the future of Big Ben could be at risk, because it’s starting to lean to one side. Apparently the company are so worried about the public reaction to it that they won't release any images yet - although the Wharf publishes another picture of a freaky 'concept' building also proposed for a near-by site.

Over 183 feet tall, the tower was built on a mere 9-foot-deep foundation, and it began sinking almost immediately … A low building may settle a bit more at one end than the other, but most of that can be taken up within the building's structure.

Our top 50 list reflects that. The leaning tower of London? It says that some company is proposing a 'leaning tower' which already has backing from Ken Livingston and CABE.

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