A leader on the other hand is seen as a motivator, … It is not exactly same as management, as leadership is one of the major element of management. Management involves a focus on executing functions, whereas leadership is about motivating people. Leadership is a quality of influencing people, so that the objectives are attained willingly and enthusiastically. Leaders set goals and direction, challenging the norm, and seeking new ways of working towards goals.. Managers on the other hand maintain the status quo.. Many believe managers have staff, whilst leaders have followers. In fact, you don’t have to have the title of manager or have direct reports to be a leader.

Management is a discipline of managing things in the best possible manner.It is the art or skill of getting the work done through and with others. Nope! Today we’re talking about leadership versus management and what’s the difference. You can demonstrate leadership skills in any role. Now here comes the contrast between a manager and a leader. Many of us wear both hats, but we need to … We investigate the difference.

Transcription. All too often, people confuse leadership and management. Leadership versus management, isn’t it the same thing? The leadership landscape has changed. The idea of ‘managing’ people just sounds demeaning in the 21st century. Both require similar qualities, including technical and interpersonal acumen, but these are not synonymous. They specialise on conformance to the … Well, I’ll tell you. This topic sure can stir up a crowd because you have some people who think leadership is great and management is bad and vice versa. Check out the difference between leadership and management through this Leadership versus Management Characteristics Infographics.

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