As a young man, he was fit and healthy. By the age of 54 years old, he required a wheelchair to move between his chambers and large horses for any travel outside the castle. Does anyone know his cause of death? King Henry VIII became obese after a jousting accident left him with a wounded leg that kept him from remaining athletic and active. Henry VII, also called (1457–85) Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond, (born January 28, 1457, Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales—died April 21, 1509, Richmond, Surrey, England), king of England (1485–1509), who succeeded in ending the Wars of the Roses between the houses of Lancaster and York and founded the Tudor dynasty.. actual cause of his death is not agreed on. His chest measured 57 inches, and his waist was 54 inches around. some stage or another have included: Posted by Lara at 11:42 AM. For Henry VII, money equaled security. His obesity is the probable cause of the heart and lung problems. Question from Elizabeth - Cause of Henry VII's death I looked on the website, but was unable to find any information on the death of Henry VII, father of Henry VIII.

Here's what caused his death. Henry VIII was born in Greenwich Palace, and he was the third child of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry ascended to the throne upon the death of his father on April 21, 1509. The wound became ulcerated, and he died from natural causes in 1547.

His successor, now styled Henry VIII, was finally proclaimed king on the morning of 24 April, ushering in a new reign, one that would become infamous. He was born in 1491. Henry VIII's Childhood and Early Adulthood . He had injured his leg in 1536, and this prevented him from exercising. Prince Arthur was the heir to the English throne until his unexpected death made his brother King Henry VIII and changed the course of European history. By the end of his life, Henry was obese.

It was the first peaceful, and successful, transferral of power since the death of Henry V in 1422. The cause of Henry's death is still being hotly debated, and the.

Plenty of historians have written about Henry's health problems.

Early life. Born on June 28, 1491, he was the second son of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York. But by the time of his death, the King weighed close to 400 pounds.

And so rights of Wardship, Marriage, Promotions, and Death, forced loans and benvolences, and trade dues were all tools to gain financial security. He was 17 years old, 6'4" tall, athletic, handsome, exuberant, and intelligent. Upon becoming king, Henry’s immediate problem was the same as his Yorkist predecessors – the legitimacy of his claim to the throne. Reasons promoted at. Henry VII may have died, but the royal dynasty he founded lived on, prospering against all odds. Henry VIII's Death . Henry VIII became heir to the throne upon the death of his eldest brother, Arthur Prince of Wales, in 1502.

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