Returning the string is more useful than printing it, specially if you want to continue operating on it.This is just an example of how the OP could have defined his own * mehtod or simply use string instead. 5.1 Iterating over an array and updating it; 5.2 Loop variables and scope; 5.3 Variables declared inside a loop; 5.4 Fine tuning the loop: Continue; 5.5 Comprehensions. I want to insert commas into large integers for printing. # test.jl println ("Hello, World!")

a line break is inserted. 32 comments Milestone.

For example, to just print the arguments given to a script, you could do this: $ julia -e 'println(PROGRAM_FILE); for x in ARGS; println(x); end' foo bar foo bar.

1.1 Open; 1.2 Slurp — reading a file all at once; 1.3 Line by line; 2 Working with paths and filenames. It formats the string using the default formats for its operands. In Julia, if A and B are arrays, logical comparison operations like A == B do not return an array of booleans. Instead, use A .== B, and similarly for the other boolean operators like <, >. Integers and Floating-Point Numbers. Integers and floating-point values are the basic building blocks of arithmetic and computation. To start, download Julia for your operating system.

Or you could put that code into a script and run it: $ echo 'println(PROGRAM_FILE); for x in ARGS; println(x); end' > script.jl $ julia script.jl foo bar script.jl foo bar . Introducing Julia DataFrames » Modules and packages: Contents. Steps to add Julia to Jupyter Notebook Step 1: Download and Install Julia. For example, a trivial hello world program in Julia runs ~27x slower than Python’s version and ~187x slower than the one in C. Note that these are results on Linux and, although I don’t use Windows myself, I’ve been told that the difference on that platform is even worse. The basic syntax is simple: any string appearing at the top-level right before an object (function, macro, type or instance) will be interpreted as documenting it (these are called docstrings). Julia enables package developers and users to document functions, types and other objects easily via a built-in documentation system since Julia 0.4. "123,456,789" In Python 3.6+ this is easy to do: >>> print(f"{123456789:,d}") 123,456,789 However, it does not appear that the standard Julia print/println functions have this feature at the present time. 1 Reading from files. I think that Julia has excellent handling of sequences of floats (see the my blog for comparison with R and Python). Posted in group: julia-users You are welcome, if you think this needs some clarification you could try to edit the manual for the good of everyone else!

0.4.x. 1 Different ways to control the flow; 2 Ternary expressions; 3 Boolean switching expressions; 4 If and Else.

1.1 Loading data into DataFrames.

1 Dictionaries.

julia> pretty_print2(xx) "b" => 55 "a" => 77 "c" => 55 => "beta" 44 => "alfa" 66 => "x" => 999 "y" => 888 Maybe not very general and performant but you get the idea. EDIT: I forgot to print the keys of subdictionaries.

1.1 Creating dictionaries; 1.2 Looking things up. Cheers. # print ("Hello, World!") 4.1 ifelse; 5 For loops and iteration.

# test.jl println ("Hello, World!") Copy link Quote reply Contributor bkamins commented Jan 6, 2015.

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