Joseph F. Smith entered into these last two marriages at … The Many Wives of Joseph Smith The Church kept this information obscure until recently, and there is much speculation on why Joseph Smith married all of the 30+ women, some still married to other men, and if the marriages were ever "consumated." Eliza Partridge . Joseph Smith rationalized sex to these good women by saying it was not a sin, unless someone else found out. Emma’s personal struggles with plural marriage and post-martyrdom history are well known, but those of the remaining wives are less so.

(Click here for full article) Prescindia Lathrop Huntington Buell Summary: Prescindia Lathrop Huntington Buell and her husband Norman joined the Church in 1836. Joseph Smith and polyandry Summary: Joseph Smith was sealed to women who were married to men who were still living.

Some of these men were even active members of the Church. In History of the Church Vol.

LDS Church History documents that their mormon founder, Joseph Smith, lied to a large group of people about his having multiple wives. I thought my trials were very severe in this line.

This occurred while the men were still legally married to their wives. Joseph Smith. Biographies of Joseph’s Plural Wives Nothing but a firm desire to keep the commandments of the Lord could have induced a girl to marry in that way. Discusses Joseph Smith's introduction of polygamy into early Mormon Church.

Many of the poor guys were on their missions when Joseph Smith married their wives.
Joseph Smith's Polygamy: "Louisa Beaman", by Brian C. Hales. Even dedicated Mormon apologists say the matter is settled. “How Joseph F. Smith Chose His Wives” says that when Joseph married Alice “the three wives were unhappy that they had no choice in the matter this time, but concluded to support their husband in this as in all else” (p. 1).

Summary: Louisa Beaman was born February 7, 1815, to Alvah Beaman and Sarah Burtts in Livonia, New York, some twenty-five miles south of Palmyra. There is substantial evidence to show that Joseph Smith was sealed to the wives of other men. Careful investigation reveals a much more skeptical picture.Evidence is flimsy that Joseph Smith's polygamy was anything that involved physical earthly relations. Jump to Subtopic: Joseph Smith was sealed to other men's wives

Subjects include polyandry, young brides, theology, children, and Emma Smith. The Mormon church says for the first time that its founder Joseph Smith took up to 40 wives, including a 14-year-old and others who were already married.

But they fail to consider the evidence in its entire context. Sometimes these second marriages even occured outside the presence of their husbands. The history books say Joseph Smith had sexual relations with his plural wives.

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