Wallsten 6 Moving to the second principle of psychological egoism, Feinberg again begins by attacking the apparent logical fallacy employed, but then moves on to a more substantial attack on the underlying context of the claim being made. Psychological egoism is the doctrine that the only thing anyone is capable of desiring or pursuing ultimately is. The four arguments are (1) the personal ownership argument; (2) the psychological egoistic hedonist argument; (3) the self deception argument; and (4) the hedonistic motivation theory for education. a. entirely selfish goals. So our motivation cannot be simply driven by pleasure alone.

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Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1999. c. what is in fact the case. Psychological egoism is the view that humans are always motivated by self-interest and selfishness, even in what seem to be acts of altruism. Psychological egoism is a theory about . b. his or her own self-interest.

“Psychological Egoism.” In Joel Feinberg & Russ Shafer-Landau (eds.

JOEL FEINBERG: Psychological Egoism 520 JAMES RACHELS: Ethical Egoism 532 PLATO: The Immoralist's Challenge 540 FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE: Master and Slave Morality 547 PROPOSED STANDARDS OF RIGHT CONDUCT 555 RUSS SHAFER-LANDAU: Ethical Subjectivism 555 MARY MIDGLEY: Trying Out One's New Sword 567 b. moral duty. But let me put the following thought out there. An alternate form of psychological egoism, psychological hedonism, relates to Jerry Bentham’s ideals, “the only kind of desire is the desire to get or to prolong pleasant experiences, and to avoid or cut short unpleasant experiences for oneself” (Feinberg 167).

Psychological Egoism By Joel Feinberg – ppt download. It claims that, when people choose to help others, they do so ultimately because of the personal benefits that they themselves expect to obtain, directly or indirectly, from so doing. (Originally published in 1965 by Dickenson Pub. Joel Feinberg, Psychological Egoism – PhilPapers. Joel Feinberg: Psychological Egoism. ), Reason and Responsibility, 10th ed. Every action of mine is my action, springing from thoughts and motives that are mine, so every action is at base, selfish. Professor Joel Feinberg persuasively criticizes four arguments in support of psychological egoism, thereby effectively demonstrating that none of them hold much potency.

c. the happiness of others. Co., based on materials composed for philosophy students at Brown University in 1958.) Feinberg, Joel (1965/1999). a. what ought to be the case. Feinberg studied at the University of Michiganwriting his dissertation on the philosophy of the Harvard professor Ralph Barton Perry under the supervision of Charles Stevenson.

Joel Feinberg - "Psychological Egoism" "Psychological Egoism" In a paper prepared in 1958 for the benefit of students at Brown, Feinberg seeks to refute the philosophical theory of psychological egoism, which in his opinion is fallacious. A logical mistake is made in the first argument. d. the good of one’s own culture.

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