Carroll plays with the sound, meaning, and lack of meaning, attached to real and nonsense words in ‘Jabberwocky’. Jabberwocky is the title of a famous poem by Lewis Carroll[1], a poem very much liked by linguists because it beautifully illustrates the crucial role that function words play in language. ‘Jabberwocky’ is considered to be the most popular nonsense poem in the English language. Jabberwocky definition is - meaningless speech or writing.

In fact, language cannot exist without them. Function words are the little words no one pays much attention to, although they are the true keepers of grammar. They might in other contexts make sense. How to use jabberwocky in a sentence. Did You Know? Glossary for "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll from The Annotated Alice 1 Jabberwock - literally "the fruit of much excited discussion" brillig - the time of broiling dinner; evening slithy - a combination of "slimy" and "lithe"; smooth and active toves - a species of badger with smooth white hair, long hind legs, and short horns like a stag; lived on cheese

Some of these words are simply out of place, or out of order. Alice also wonders what the words in Jabberwocky mean, so when she meets Humpty Dumpty, she asks him.

These include “burble”and “tum”.

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