But that’s not all. amare verb. lo affetto noun. – I love you (romantically). – Sei la mia anima gemella.

Amore as a noun and amare as a verb are Italian equivalents of the English word "love."

affection, darling, fondness, desire, dear. Tesoro mio / My treasure. amore noun. Sei l’uomo dei miei sogni / You’re the man of my dreams. More Italian words for love. Specifically, the masculine noun amore means "love." Now for some hot & even hotter Italian love phrases, and some very short Italian love quotes too (10 characters or less). Caro / Dear (said to a man). Cara / Dear (said to a woman). If not, practice these phrases with others and see where they take you. You never know, your journey to learn Italian may include falling in love.

Italian Terms of Endearment to Make You Sing “That’s Amore!” “Si canta sempre di cuore—quando si è pieno d’amore.” (One sings from the heart when one is full of love.)

Italian boasts of a cornucopia of endearments - from flies to fruits to vegetables to animals, nobody can beat the Italians when it comes to showering love. While we’re fumbling to describe our exhaustion after eating an incredible meal (“food coma” just doesn’t cut it), Italians have already moved on from the conversation to naptime thanks to their way with words. The best way to get started is to memorize the 100 most common Italian words. A List of Italian Terms of Endearment to Knock Off Your Socks. Of course, the basis of it all is “amore” (love), but here are some other useful loving expressions:. > You can add tanto or molto to the end of the phrase to express a LOT of love. How to say I love you in Italian. More Italian words for I love you.

The pronunciation is "ah-MOH-reh." Italian translation of 'love' love (of, for) amore m (di, per) ( of hobby, object) passione f... (my) love amore m (mio), tesoro (mio). This is especially true for Italians, who speak “ the language of love ” in one of the most romantic places on the globe. Italian is full of words and phrases that don’t have a match in English, but oh, don’t we wish they did. Very short romantic Italian love phrases (2 or 3 word Italian love quotes) Hungry to learn from this profound poetry, we teamed up with ti adoro: I love you: vi voglio bene: I love you: Find more words!

Specifically, the masculine noun amore means "love." – Ti amo. Here's a list of sweet flowing Italian endearments …

Amore as a noun and amare as a verb are Italian equivalents of the English word "love." – You are my soul mate. Further, words of love in Italian and Romantic and love phrases are a great way to attract someone are great to get someone’s attention. The pronunciation is "ah-MOH-reh." ( tennis ) love all zero a zero "15 love" "15 a zero". Ti amo / I love you. As you practice Italian, be sure that you know how to say thank you in Italian so you can properly thank those who listen to you and possibly fall in love with you.

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