As well as giving you some idea of the "magic number", this article unpacks why you need to reference, and how you can push your grades up by 5-10 points with a few simple tricks. Sure, put 2 in there. I have a much better idea for you… I am assuming you’re talking about having 4 people that your future employer can call and verify things about you.
Bad references. First guest appearance ever on uncollegewithjoanna! Congrats Sarah you're a winner! 5. References tend to forget many of the specifics of working with you over time.

You haven't asked your references for permission.

As long as they're relevant, you can never have too many references, that's what we were always told. The consensus was that providing too many references could be off-putting, confusing, and even disrespectful towards a potential employer’s time and resources – an example that yes, too much of a good thing can be bad.
In the following assembly code I am trying to implement a multiplication method using bitwise shifts etc but I am getting two errors over and over, "too many memory references for 'mov'" as well as " How many references to include in an essay is a tricky question. If the worker thinks they’ve been given an unfair or misleading reference, they may be able to claim damages in a court.

However, make good use of the 4. There is no correct number of references. Your assembly code is not correctly formatted for gcc.. Firstly, gcc uses AT&T syntax (EDIT: by default, thanks nrz), so it needs a % added for each register reference and a $ for immediate operands. In a recent online conversation among career professionals, the optimal number of references to provide a potential employer was discussed. If you can do an amazing essay with a handful of references then credit to you, if you can pick the best ideas from loads of references and present them in an amazing essay, then that is just as good.

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