Just remember that although you may not be able to label some things as full-on cheating, they could still be considered to be a betrayal of trust, which your partner may find difficult to forgive. I sure hope that nobody would ever publish a paper/thesis without someone else proofreading it, independent of the field. (Part 1) Let’s say you have a book or an essay you’d like to be proofread.
There are some good online sites run by professional educators and I really could do with help improving how I structure my essays but is it cheating and do you think it would be considered cheating by my tutors? What if the proofreader decided to add or take away a few words to supposedly ‘help’ your writing to flow? Whether it's acceptable or not for students to use proofreading services to help them with their work has divided academic opinion. We would. No, not at all! Of course, every couple needs to figure out for themselves early on in their relationship what is okay, and what is not .

– Voo Jul 5 '14 at 20:15. add a comment | 10.

Would that concern you?

What is considered "somewhat cheating"? Proofreader: Is Proofreading Cheating? Is proofreading classed as cheating?
as well as spelling.) Is it considered cheating to ask a friend or tutor to proofread your thesis before submission? We included a "somewhat cheating" option for our respondents to define things that weren't quite black and white cheating, but were definitely a little wrong.

Is getting a college level essay proofread (detailed proofreading which includes form, structure etc. Surely, you’d expect the proofreader to pay close attention to every detail within each page of your writing? cheating?

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