However, the truth is that many people find the military to be one of the best …

Is joining the military worth it?

I do not have a career. There are countless benefits for those serve, ranging from financial security, means for obtaining a higher education, developing skills desired by future employers, and, most importantly, a way for someone to participate in something bigger than themselves. There are many, many reasons why joining the military is not a good idea. War is war. Things to Consider When Joining the Marines.
What should a young person know and consider before joining the military?

My boyfriend is 19 years old and did not grow up in a household where he was encouraged to go to college (because neither of his parents did). Posted on Last Updated: March 3, 2020 March 3, 2020 Author Katie B. This question was originally answered on Quora by Doug Dingus. Some people are ready to take that step the minute they graduate from high school.

I am thinking to joining the Fire Department or Navy Military. Stew Smith is the U.S. military expert for The Balance Careers, a Veteran Navy SEAL Officer, and a freelance writer and author. Having a child who wants to join the military can be scary. Follow Twitter. Is joining the army worth it?

If you join for the wrong reason, you'll be miserable with your decision. But no children yet. Joining the Military After College. Stewart Smith . It would help pay for college. Overall, joining the military isn't as good an option as it used to be — but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it. Some join to go to school. I COULD BE KILLED either by defending my country, or raping Iraq. The military’s 20-year retirement is an awesome benefit if you want to retire young. And I am already 25 married. I have to make a huge decision for my life. War is death. So there they are, 5 reasons you shouldn’t join the military. Comment(0) 2766 Views.

I need to a make the right decision that help me through my future. Some join because they have nothing better to do and it's a last ditch effort. Full Bio. I am not looking for million dollar or some fancy job. But I saw the WW2 and WW1 videos. They should know these benefits of joining the military to see if it's worth the commitment.

Read The Balance's editorial policies. General Military Questions. Joining the military is a great opportunity for many young adults. Because i did not go to college. If you're considering joining the military, here are the top 10 things you should know before you step into a recruiters office. The conditions are dehumanizing. Share Pin Share Email ••• Jim Sugar / Getty Images By. I think it really depends on your reason for joining. Joining the Military After College .

OK, I'm about to finish high school and the school is piled with "goarmy" stuff. So, it is worth … Cons: 1.

Is it worth to joining the Navy/Military ? This means you can't quit if they send you somewhere you don't want to go. In addition, joining the military is to fight for the freedom of your people even though some of them hurt you phisicaly or emotionally. Some join to serve their country and make a career out of. Following orders. Now it's been a year since we graduated high school and he's had a few jobs and now he's realized that those jobs aren't going to get him anywhere so he's thinking about joining the army. Joining the military is a commitment that you have to devote your life, and prove you want to be higher than yourself. hey, i was just wondering if joining the military is worth it, i have always dreamed of joining the marines, but im only 13, i really want to serve my country its just im not a very strong guy, im very small and skinny but i just feel like its what i want to do with my life, plz give me a good answer and dont just say "do it" i want to know why i should join and stuff like that, thank you Becoming a member of the military is a big commitment.

I could make quite a handsome buck by giving up 2 years for military service.

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