Yes, Haemon kills himself over Antigone's death in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E.

Modern adaptations Drama Specifically, Theban Prince Haemon is first cousin and husband-to-be of Princess Antigone.

His father Theban King Creon is the brother of Antigone's mother, Theban Queen Jocasta. - 405 B.C.E.). Antigone's love for family is shown when she buries her brother, Polynices. Specifically, Theban Princess Antigone is Prince Haemon's beloved first cousin and bride-to-be.

Haemon is Antigone's love in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. Yes, Haemon is Antigone's cousin. Specifically, Theban Princess Antigone is engaged to her first cousin, Prince Haemon.
- 405 B.C.E.). Jocasta also is the mother of her second husband, Theban King Oedipus.

Haemon was deeply in love with his cousin and fiancée Antigone, and he killed himself in grief when he found out that his beloved Antigone had hanged herself.

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