A masters degree in biotechnology would be ideal, but considering the debt I will be in I do not have the time to keep taking courses. Instead, this list focuses more on courses where subsequent employment and salary rates are suboptimal or where a degree is not likely to distinguish you from non-graduates.

What Can I Do with a Marine Biology Degree? For example, as a biologist, you can either go into: 1. molecular biology . More useful, but still quite useless comparatively …

What about a masters in math?

Is a math degree useless financially? Kin is not a useless degree.It all depends on what you want to do with it.Reality is, everyone thinks they can/will become a doctor.

BIOLOGY FOR A STUDENT 1) Biology degree as a whole does not lead to any needed jobs, only helps in needed jobs Biology degrees are useless in a way that studying animals does not affect us humans. Yes, if its just an undergraduate degree. No science degree is a waste of time because it is very verstile. If you've received a master's degree in marine biology, you are eligible to hold a career in one of the many subcategories of the marine biology field. Marine biology is the study of saltwater organisms.

Additional resources include the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, the Botanic Garden, the Herbarium, the Arboretum, the John Krebs Field Station and Wytham Woods. If you are struggling in high school science (struggling means below 85 average), you are not going to magically do better in university. Rather than teaching a specific set of skills, a liberal arts program makes the student well-rounded, provides broader perspectives, and imparts critical thinking and communication skills. So, without further ado, these are the 10 most useless degrees in the world…

I have intentions of building a concentration in biotechnology & molecular biology, starting with my first graduate level course this fall. Unlike other degrees, like art, history, dance, or even a specific field of engineering, biology offers a avery wide array of disciplines which allow you to be flexible with your degree. A liberal arts education can mean a degree in just one of the subjects under these categories, too, such as a BA in Literature or a BSc in Biology. The Biology degree is taught jointly by the Departments of Plant Sciences and Zoology, with almost all teaching taking place in the University's Science Area. For example, graduates with an associate’s degree will likely be hired for entry-level positions as research assistants and outdoor educators, while professionals with a master’s degree will typically find employment in more advanced careers such as Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management and Post-Secondary Education. I have a 3.0 GPA and no experience working in a lab.

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