Select one or more types of metal. Note - Doubled letters used as plurals, e.g. It takes awhile for your mind to develop an understanding of what your eyes are trying to tell it. -A brief statement, or sentence, by which a memorable event is recorded on some monument. My best advice is patience.

The inscriptions usually contained his first name, last name, title, and various honorary titles. Refers to the felicitations of the Roman people upon the return of the emperor. Adventuri Aug Felicissimo . Advent Aug . Deciphering Roman Coin Inscriptions. The Latin word inscriptio is derived from two words, in, above, and scribere, to write; as in the Greek word, for the same thing, is derived from epi, above, and graphein, to write.

Coin Pusher - The slot machine that takes you to the magic world of Golden Pearls Inscription. Material. Inscription. The ancient Romans followed a fairly standard method for the design of most Roman Imperial coins. Translation. Most Chinese charms also have four (or more) Chinese character inscriptions but the inscription is not meant to identify when the charm was made or its monetary value (which is none). Deciphering inscriptions and titles are some of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of ancients collecting. Usually the obverse (heads side) showed the portrait of the ruler or his family and abbreviated inscriptions.
Reading Ancient Roman Coin Inscriptions. Various Celtic tribes produced coinage in a variety of metals including gold, silver, bronze and potin. This interface allows you to narrow down the most basic visible components of a coin in order to reveal a subset of possible matches in the search results page. The majority of staters bear symbols but Cunobelin 'King of the Britons' produced coins which also featured an abbreviation of his name CVNO. one ruler is AUG and two augusti AUGG, one Caesar is CAES and two is CAESS, or D N vs D D N N where N N is read as "our".

It is almost certain that the coin claimed divinity for the emperor, probably the current emperor, and that this is the reason Jesus drew attention to the inscription. But the image was identified as “Caesar,” and Tiberius had been Caesar for many years, so it is likely that the coin was, indeed, a Tiberius denarius, as pictured above. Most old Chinese coins have an inscription of four Chinese characters to identify the historical time of their casting and their monetary value. A runic inscription is an inscription made in one of the various runic alphabets.They generally contained practical information or memorials instead of magic or mythic stories. Identify a Coin.

Arrival of the emperor (emperors). Roman Coin Inscriptions.

Among the earliest inscriptions on British coins are the Celtic staters from the mid 1st century BC. Titles and Honors in Roman Coinage Titles in Roman Provincial Coinage.

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