Christensen published The Innovator’s Dilemma in 1997. One of the quickest ways to sort innovation ideas is to use the McKinsey Three Horizons Model.

It is a powerful framework as it helps in prioritizing the investments by short and long-term potential of the business.It tells us to milk our cash cows, kill the dogs, improve question marks and invest in the stars. BCG Growth-Share Matrix: (Read about this framework here). The three horizons approach offers the methodology for constructing plausible and coherent innovation activities projected out into the future. In 2000, Consultants from McKinsey & Company, Inc proposed a portfolio management approach known as the Three Horizons. What makes the model valuable to innovators is that it ‘accepts’ that competition is restless, markets are evolving, and that change is a constant.

McKinsey 7S Framework is a strategic planning tool designed to help an organization understand if is it set-up in a way that allows it to achieve its objectives. Before the advent of the 7S Model, when managers thought about organizational design, they tended to focus on structure and strategy. Future-Proofing Your Strategy: How To Use McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model. The Seven Elements of the McKinsey 7-S Framework. In this interactive presentation--one in a series of multimedia frameworks--Steve Coley, a director emeritus in McKinsey’s Chicago office, describes the three horizons framework.

The evidence was readily available to indicate that low-end disruptive business model innovation was already happening when McKinsey published their model. You can also apply the McKinsey 7-S model to elements of a team or a project. The 3 horizons model is a growth strategy framework by McKinsey that you can use to think about the future of your company.

Here I look at who can use the model, what it is and how companies can put it into practice to drive continuous growth today and in the future. People often get it confused with an innovation strategy framework, but that’s incorrect.The 3 horizons model should only be used to set or challenge a growth strategy, which will help inform an innovation strategy. Based on research into how companies sustain growth, this approach illustrates how to manage for current performance while maximizing future opportunities for growth. Prioritization: Once a list of innovation ideas has been refined by curation, it needs to be prioritized. Since 2005, the businesses in BCG’s annual ranking of the world’s 50 most innovative companies have delivered a total shareholder return two percentage points higher than … The tool produces easy-to-read analyses by value cell within the business—at the right level of granularity for each organization. The framework can be used to examine the likely effects of future changes in the organization, or to align departments and processes during a merger or acquisition.

Each horizon describes the … One could argue that the McKinsey model was never a good idea.

It looks for emerging winners. Many companies have used this framework for years to figure out the best places to invest their limited resources. A valuable framework to move your company from inertia to innovation is McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model.

McKinsey published their Three Horizons model in 2000. After all, a winning innovation strategy—paired with the right innovation system—can make a big difference.

McKinsey's Growth Decomposition Tool helps companies apply the granularity-of-growth approach by breaking down their revenue growth among three sources: market momentum, M&A, and changes in market share. It can help you manage growth in a coordinated way.

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