In the end, people with knowledge of information literacy are prepared to find the data they need for any decision or task in life.

Information and media literacy are essential because of how we consume information and the amount of incoming information available to us. Key Resources 7 Things You Should Know About Digital Literacies Information Literacy Weblog Curating information literacy stories from around the world since 2005. The Journal of Information Literacy publishes innovative and challenging research articles and project reports which push the boundaries of information literacy thinking in theory, practice and method, and which aim to develop deep and critical understandings of the role, contribution and impact of information literacies in everyday contexts, education and the workplace. In the information age, where the proliferation of information and knowledge is accessible and available at all times, being literate in the field of information retrieval and its subsystems is crucial. This article addressed the issue of information literacy (IL) education as a missing issue in the educational system of Nigeria in the 21 st century. As businesses and employers look for ways to cut down on inefficiencies and expenses, many costly training programs are being replaced by self-directed learning. Critical Information Literacy as a Path to Resist “Fake News” 275 We understand Fake News as news articles intentionally and verifiably false created to manipulate, distort, confuse, defame specific people, nations, and / or institutions (ALLCOT & GENTZKOW, 2017).

Explore library resources on information literacy, the collection includes articles, interviews, papers and presentations. 177 REFLECTING ON THE STANDARDS [ARTICLE] INTRODUCTION Every public services librarian knows intuitively that there is a close relationship between information literacy and digital Information literacy can be applied to almost every current profession. Use The Big6™ or the Super3™ as a tried-and-true method to teach students to become information users extraordinaire. Teaching discrete skills in real-world settings at the moments when students need to know them — like when the air … It helps us to adapt to the changing environment and thrive in it. Emily Selvidge News 04/01/2016. Pages. Communications in Information Literacy (CIL) is a peer-reviewed, independently published, open access journal devoted to advancing research, theory, and practice in the area of information literacy in higher education. Information literacy thus moves beyond determining what is true and what is false to an investigation into why we are so easily fooled, and why we so … In "Information Literacy as a Liberal Art", Jeremy J. Shapiro and Shelley K. Hughes (1996) advocated a more holistic approach to information literacy education, one that encouraged not merely the addition of information technology courses as an adjunct to existing curricula, but rather a radically new conceptualization of "our entire educational curriculum in terms of information". For more teachable moments on information literacy, read the LearningExpress -sponsored white paper, Information & Media Literacy: Skills Needed in Today’s World . This evolution has been fuelled by the increased use of electronic resources as well as the shift in user behavior when it comes to searching and using information for learning, research and work.When electronic databases were introduced in libraries, Fr. The article considers what information literacy (IL) signifies in the workplace, and highlights the key findings of a significant and growing body of literature […] Call for papers: Special issue on Information Literacy: Library and Information Research.

Rapidly advancing technology, multimodal access to information and disinformation, and political rhetoric increasingly impact the perception, trust, and use of visual media. As businesses and employers look for ways to cut down on inefficiencies and expenses, many costly training programs are being replaced by self-directed learning.

information literacy and digital literacy is essential before revision of the ACRL Standards can proceed.

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