The influence of advertisement and how advertisements work is a question that most marketers and managers try to find an answer to. The primary objective of advertisement is usually to impact the consumer’s buying behaviour. You can reach your audience if you understand how advertising influences viewers and readers. What Does Advertising Do? Advertising permeates society, and the challenge for the small-business owner is to break through the clutter of messages to reach potential customers. EMAIL. 1)For example tobacoo advertising. Using a sample of 50 respondents of BlueCrest College where most of the students are youths, the study found out that The study seeks out the effects of advertising on youths purchasing behaviour considering the consumption of alcohol in Ghana. How Does Advertising Influence People?. Advertisements that present other children of a similar age engaging in activities like helping out in the house or saving can influence kids to do the same. Advertising : Advertising And Its Influence Of Advertising 763 Words | 4 Pages A customer should know whenever they see an ad in the daily paper, or on television that it could possibly be false advertising. TWEET. Because advertising to children and adolescents has become ubiquitous, researchers who study its influence raise significant concerns about the practice, especially as it relates to dietary behavior, family conflict, marketer tactics, and children’s potential vulnerability as an audience. Advertising is everywhere in today's world, so that, as Pope Paul VI remarked, "No one now can escape the influence of advertising.
When you don't pay attention to ads, they affect you. 26 COMMENTS. SHARE. In fact , these advertising influence people by making good impression that can persuade them. Some of these product’s advertising are not really good for the health. Certain advertisements that carry content relevant to social change can help promote empathy and a sense of duty towards the community in children.

"6 Even people who are not themselves exposed to particular forms of advertising confront a society, a culture - other people - affected for good or ill by advertising messages and techniques of every sort. Posted Aug 31, 2010 . We live in a world of advertising.

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