If the carbon cycle fails, then life begins to break down, causing life to end.

During photosynthesis, plants take carbon dioxide from the air and used it to make glucose (stored carbon), while releasing oxygen. The carbon cycle is important because all living things are made of carbon in one way or another. The carbon cycle is tied to the availability of other elements and compounds. The carbon cycle is important in ecosystems because it moves carbon, a life-sustaining element, from the atmosphere and oceans into organisms and back again to the atmosphere and oceans. Hence, if that is the case, the identification of how carbon molecules work in an environment is an important indication of whether a certain environment is capable of accommodating life. Archer, David (2010). For example, the carbon cycle is tied to the availability of oxygen in the atmosphere. Carbon Cycle Steps: Most of the time, carbon is called as the “chemical building block of life” because living organisms are made up of it.. If the balance between these latter two reservoirs is upset, serious consequences, such as global warming and climate disruption, may result. Carbon cycle plays a very important role in the lives of every living organism:- Carbon Cycle is the movement of Carbon molecules from one phase to the another in the atmosphere as shown in the below figure :- Co_2 from atmosphere is taken up by the organic compounds or plants which use it to make their food.

Carbon cycle
The Carbon Cycle is a complex series of processes through which all of the carbon atoms in existence rotate.
The same carbon atoms in your body today have been used in countless other molecules since time began. Discuss the importance of the carbon cycle
Carbon Cycle
2. the importance of the carbon cycle 1. The carbon cycle is how carbon is exchanged throughout the earth: between the atmosphere, oceans, ecosystem and geosphere.

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