What quotations support the theme of ambition.'

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Once Macbeth kills Duncan, his ambition to hold on to his title as king becomes intertwined with his paranoia.

The…Read More The theme of ambition blinding man reoccurs in many of Shakespeare’s works.

*Character(s): Macbeth (his ambition to become king, led him to killing Duncan *Language: Personification Witches Prophecies 1)The witches Prophesize This is evident, as, imagery of clothing shows us Macbeth’s ambition and the consequences thereof. Although it is responsible for MacBeth’s rise to power, his “vaulting ambition” is also to blame for MacBeth’s tragic downfall. We see this ambition, through Banquo, when he says, “New honours come upon him, Like our strange garments, cleave not to their mould but with the aid of use.” (Shakespeare, Macbeth I, III, 144-146), meaning that new clothes do not fit our bodies, until we are accustomed to them. Get an answer for 'How is ambition important to the play, Macbeth, written by Shakespeare? ... One of the most inspiring lines in cinema history had to be "My ambition far exceeds my talents," said by Johnny Depp's character George Chung.

Rather than being able to enjoy the fruits of his ambition, he becomes obsessed with maintaining the power he’s won.

Macbeth: Act 3 Scene 4 ‘They say, blood will have blood’ ‘Lesser than Macbeth but greater,’ theses are the words which make Macbeth start to think about whether his bestfriend, Banqou, can be trusted.

Just as this theme played an important role in Julius Caesar, the blinding powers of ambition also affect the main in Shakespeare’s famous play, Macbeth.Ambition has the ability to positively drive … In one of the first scenes of the play the three witches tell him this after he killed King Duncan. Why Ambition Is More Important Than Talent. Important Details *Theme: Ambition within Macbeth *Thesis: Ambition and his search for power is the reason to Macbeth's downfall.

The thematic importance of ambition is revealed throughout MacBeth in a manner that is not always instantly visually evident to a conscientious reader. Macbeth’s blind pursuit of power can be contrasted with other ambitious characters in the play like Banquo.

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