He uses figurative language , like metaphor and personification , to talk about it. Auditory Imagery: Unlike visual imagery, auditory imagery elements lay more emphasis on the audible part of reality. Visual Imagery: it consists of elements which allures the sight. Natural imagery means a congruous set of images depicting the world of nature. Nature imagery videos were gathered by prison staff; topics included nature scenes such as ocean waves, forests, beaches, and other biomes. … Nature Imagery poem by Green Peace. "Nothing Gold Can Stay" relies on imagery of the natural world, like leaves, flowers, and sunrises, to make meaning. Page The recreation room with the projector was painted a light blue color and became known as the “Blue Room”. Such examples are evident more so in the Romantic era due to the romantic stress on the idea of a 'Return to Nature'. But the speaker doesn't just describe nature directly. Like to watch the changing shapes of the cloudsOf the moon merging in the blue cloudless canopythe detachment and yet the attachment feeling that .

Its scenery capabilities give poetic lines the ability to paint an event in the reader’s head.

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