Beat Ill Effects Of Air Pollution With These Lifestyle Changes That Can Cleanse Your Lungs Naturally. 2 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, AMU, Aligarh, India *Corresponding Author: Ahmad Ashfaq Although it will be some time before action is taken on a larger level, each one of us can tackle and fight the ill-effects of air pollution, if we only stay aware and get proactive. The finding adds to a host of research showing the ill effects of air pollution on infants. According to the 2010 Global Burden of Disease report, outdoor air pollution caused more than 6,20,000 premature deaths in India .

In most areas of Europe, these pollutants are principally the products of combustion from space heating, power generation or from motor vehicle traffic. Air pollution is rising by the second, and is not only entering our lungs, but is also weakening our immune system and health by the second. Effects of air pollution. ILL Effects of Air Pollution Air Pollution is known to be causing much harm to human health spreading to all the organs of the human body. ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION AND APPLICATION OF ENGINEERED METHODS TO COMBAT THE PROBLEM Ahmad Ashfaq 1 * and Pratiksha Sharma 2. New Delhi, Oct 23: Adverse effects of air pollution, described as the world's biggest environmental risk by WHO, may linger on in Delhi for generations to come, experts warn. 1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, AMU, Aligarh, India. Health | DoctorNDTV | Thursday February 21, 2019 . Dr. Arvind Kumar, Chairman - Center For Chest Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Founder Trustee of Lung Care Foundation explains health ill-effects of Air Pollution. A variety of air pollutants have known or suspected harmful effects on human health and the environment.

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