IFMSA builds capacity through training, project, and exchanges opportunities, while embracing cultural diversity so as to shape a … The committee members soon realized that these efforts were merely palliative, whereas a sustainable solution would have to address the root of the problem – violence, conflicts and human rights violations. It was established in 2009 in Hawler city of Iraqi Kurdistan region of Iraq. Working Plan on the IFMSA and Standing Committee Strategic Plan 1.5.2 The Standing Committee Strategic Plan is open to amendments during the SC sessions of the March Meeting. Introduction to IFMSA Exchanges; List of Participating Countries; Research Projects Database ; Media Center. It is ran by medical students and only active medical students can be … Facebook; Twitter; Insta IFMSA-Kurdistan is A member of the IFMSA family. IFMSA-Iraq have done hundreds of projects in public health, reproductive and aids,Medical Education and Human rights field till now, IFMSA-Iraq Provide a forum … In 1995, the committee changed the name to Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace, and finally, in 2005 it became the SCORP that we know today, Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace. Standing Committees; Programs; Our Meetings; Policy and Advocacy; Trainings; Opportunities; Exchange the world. The SCORP Newsletter has been one of our several platforms that was introduced over the years in our Standing Committee. Contact Information; Question Box; Follow Us. It is as other member organizations worldide, Non-Governmental Non-Political organization. WHAT WE DO. En 1951, un programme d’échange étudiant a été mis en place par le Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) d’IFMSA. IFMSA SCORP | Standing Committee On Human Rights & Peace a 12 759 membres. IFMSA represents the opinions and ideas of future health professionals in the field of global health, and works in collaboration with external partners. IFMSA-IRAQ is a non-governmental organization representing the medical students in Iraq The organization is an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental formed by Iraqi medical students & young doctors. En 2009, près de … Cinq ans plus tard, 11 pays et 906 étudiant(e)s ont participé à des échanges cliniques. IFMSA Programs are strongly linked with the work of the IFMSA Standing Committees and other capacity building streams in IFMSA ensuring that Programs receive the needed support in terms of scientific background and basic studies. Le comité d’échanges cliniques d’IFMSA-Québec (SCOPE, Standing Committee on Professionnal Exchanges) organise chaque année des échanges. It was created to provide the SCORPions with a space to share their ideas, express themselves; promote their work, and to bring them closer to the international work updates. More. Reports; Medical Students International; Publications; Press releases; Policy statements; Blog; Join us.

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