Slow processing speed is not an indication of intelligence. However, processing speed deficits can occur in the context of an additional diagnosis. Keath Low.

As an educator, I’ve seen many kids with slow processing speed who are smart, but who struggle to keep up with the pace in the classroom. Working Memory IEP Goals.

Tips for Helping a Child Who Has ADHD and Slow Processing Speed By.

What are processing deficits and how do these deficits impact how a child learns?

For more information on gifted students who work slowly, read this article by Jennifer Gonzalez.

The concept of slow processing speed (SPS) and its effect on learning is still new, so parents should take the lead on working with psychologists, schools, and their own child to differentiate symptoms of ADHD from SPS and to manage delayed processing.

Studies have shown that children with reading difficulties, dyslexia , or reading deficits typically perform more slowly than children without reading difficulties on tasks that measure speed of processing. How to help your child deal with slow processing speed: If your child has a learning disability or other problems, it important to address the main problem in priority. Processing Deficits, Specialized Instruction and Accommodations Sheila Autrey & Sandy DeMuth IDEAS Conference St. Simons Island, GA June 5, 2012 . Slow Processing Speed Some students see a list of words they have read before and they have to really look at them, focus on them, they may even need to sound them out in order to read them. The student will accurately repeat verbal instructions with 80% accuracy before beginning assignment as evidenced by teacher/staff observation and data.


Goals should be developed using the student’s baselines defined in IEP Present Levels.From there, I would take the area of need and using the baseline and the IEP goal formula, make it measurable (flow chart below).. She specializes in treatment of ADD/ADHD. Keath Low.

What is the difference between specialized instruction and accommodations? 2. Not all kids work at the same pace. It is actually a very good idea to have your child assessed by the trained professionals in your child’s school, or a school psychologist in private practice with either an MA or Ph.D. in educational psychology.


Slow processing speed affects many very intelligent students. Slow Processing Speed: Signs & Solutions for a Misunderstood Deficit.

Gifted students can also process very slowly. Medically reviewed by.

For students with slow processing speed, this process can be cumbersome, as it takes larger amounts of time and energy for each step to take place.

Common signs of slow processing speed.

Keath Low, MA, is a therapist and clinical scientist with the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at the University of North Carolina.

5 Ways to Use Slow Processing Speed Accommodations at Home. Learn about our editorial process.

There are many signs that a student may have slow processing speed. What does specialized instruction look like?

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