IAN HANEY LÓPEZ MERGE LEFT: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America With Saru Jayaraman. When: January 22, 2020 @ 2:30 am Where: Kehilla Synagogue, 1300 Grand Avenue, Oakand/Piedmont 202001222:30 am 202001222:30 am America/Los_Angeles IAN HANEY LÓPEZ. Ian Haney López is the Earl Warren Professor of Public Law at the University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches in the areas of race and constitutional law. Ian F. Haney-López teaches in the areas of race and constitutional law. Ian Haney López Twitter. September 4, 2014. DogWhistleRace. Ian Haney Lopez’s research on this issue points us in a new direction, and it comes to us via critical race theorist Derrick Bell who used the term “interest convergence.” Bell explains that, “The interest of blacks in achieving racial equality will be accommodated only when it converges with the interests of whites.” Recent. This book traces the role of racial demagoguery in American politics in creating hostility toward liberalism and in facilitating the return of Robber Baron-era policies. Ian Haney López. October 7, 2014. IAN HANEY LÓPEZ: As your question suggests, the “dog whistle” metaphor gestures toward forms of political speech that stay silent on one level (just as a dog whistle does for humans), while nevertheless inciting sharp reactions from certain audiences. Author and legal scholar Ian Haney López tells Bill that dog whistle politics is “the dark magic” by which middle-class voters have been seduced to vote against their own economic interests. Events.

Ian Haney López is a law professor at UC Berkeley and the author of the forthcoming “Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America.” Opinion Op-Ed Newsletter The Humanity of Michael Brown. How the Politics of Immigration is Driving Mass Deportation. Blog. He is wrote a book entitled Dog Whistle Politics: How Fifty Years of Race-Baiting Wrecked the Middle Class. Blog. Ian Haney López. Ian Haney-López is a law professor and the author of "Dog Whistle Politics: How Fifty Years of Coded Racial Appeals Wrecked the Middle Class." Ian Haney López is one of the nation’s leading thinkers on how racism has evolved in the United States since the civil rights era. Blog. KPFA. Ian Haney López details the 50-year history of how politicians exploit racial … August 28, 2014. “ In Racism on Trial, Ian Haney López dissects two prominent legal cases handled by controversial lawyer-activist Oscar Zeta Acosta in the late 1960s—the trials of the East LA Thirteen and the Biltmore Six—in order to reconstruct and interpret the Chicano Movement period in Los Angeles. Demos President Heather McGhee and UC Berkeley Law Professor and author of Dog Whistle Politics Ian Haney López tell the story of how racism … Ian Haney López.

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