Non-Academic Services and Information. Course descriptions are available in the Course Catalogue.. MCS modules offered per semester, with any future semesters subject to change: Each of us determine how heavy our workload is for a particular semester. As Prof. Jean Comaroff said, anthropology will never be mainstream, so one must have a reason to do it. Cindy Seah, Senior Manager, Educational Technology | Mid-Semester Surveys On Canvas, we have already installed a set of five field-tested surveys on all of the faculty Canvas sites, which faculty can set up and deploy with just a few mouse clicks.

In Yale-NUS, and certainly in the DDP, every student’s curriculum is unique. Yale-NUS College Identity Guidelines. We offer modules on essential and higher topics across the spectrum of Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Data Science. Contact us +65 6601 1000 (Main Line) +65 6601 2416 (Admissions-related queries); Climate Survey Review. Mandatory Data Protection & PDPA Training.

The NUS-IRB is an independent NUS-wide review board responsible for reviewing the safety and ethics of research projects done at NUS, including Yale-NUS. Yale-NUS provides students opportunities to study MCS within a broader Liberal Arts education. Specialises in supporting TGS students and careers in Arts & Culture, Communications, Science, Industry, Research and Tech & Start-ups (including VCs) Specialises in careers in Education, Social Impact & International Development (including Embassies, Business Chambers) Arts Spaces Committee Form. Our curriculum will empower you to become a critical, creative and active thinker in today’s world. Asst Prof Deng’s research interests are international trade and economic growth.

2020 Yale-NUS Literary Awards Read more » 25 April 2020 (Sat) , 8 30 PM Counselling FAQs. Student Care and Advising. It’s a journey of self-discovery – a journey of diverse viewpoints, unexplored worlds and new dimensions of knowledge. Student Government. This means that our students are free to follow their passions, and bring diverse perspectives to their study of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. Search for: Search The Yale-NUS Undergraduate Research Ethics Committee (UREC) is the College’s internal committee tasked with reviewing matters pertaining to research done by students at Yale-NUS. Before joining Yale-NUS, he was an assistant professor at the University of Jena and a research associate at Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle (IWH) in Germany. Collab8 Installation Guide. Whereas students in NUS law only start taking electives in their third year of university life, students in Yale-NUS (including DDP students) choose our electives from the very first academic year. At Yale-NUS College, you will begin a journey that goes beyond a traditional classroom. © The Yale-NUS Shop 2020 Built with Storefront & WooCommerce.. My Account; Search. NUS University Health Centre. Sexual Misconduct and Survivor Support. A community of learning, Founded by two great universities, In Asia, for the world. Their advice to budding anthropologists at Yale-NUS is to follow your passions.

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