Plug in your charger and wrap the cord around the suitcase handle.

Certain ways can help him / her to remember certain things in their life which may be helpful with only one thing, that is writing down those things. She had always thought of herself as an introvert.

Why does your mind forget the simplest things? The more senses you can involve, the better! For instance, say you need to remember to submit a proposal by 10 PM. A person with bad memory tries to regain memory. If you have a meeting and you need to remember several key points, organize them in categories. You can commit this to memory by visualizing the proposal (a stack of papers, a folder, or whatever your proposal looks like.) This small daily commitment is going to add up as well. – PureWow. Leave it there for the duration of your visit. If you’re trying to remember your shopping list, think of all the items you can find in the dairy aisle, the vegetables in the produce section, and the breads in the bakery. This can be used as a reminder and even if he/she forgets that thing then they can regain that by reading where he / she have written that as a reminder.

Taking effective notes is the key to doing this review quickly, and remember to always refine your notes. This helps you to remember more information than if you just kept a running tab of all your ideas for the meeting in your head. Usually we try to describe the name or thing we can't recall and when someone names it for us we instantly remember the word we wanted. But then, she realized how much talking to others helped her frame her own thoughts, so she accepted her new-found status as an extrovert. I remember that the teacher told us that after a personality test said she was an extrovert, she was surprised. Another thing is that even if you have some memories in the morning, we often only remember just our last dreams.
How to Remember Things: 5 Tips to Improve Your Memory. As the researchers showed, dreams are not recalled unless the sleeper awakens directly from the dream (REM stage), rather than after waking up while being in the non-REM stages of sleep. Everyone has those moments when you forget where you were going - mere seconds ago.

Here are 15 helpful tricks to remember things, keep from losing things, and just generally get your life together: Never forget a phone charger in a hotel room: When you get to the hotel, unpack your suitcase and place it next to a wall outlet. By practice this simple 15-minute review practice you see amazing results in what you are able to remember over the course of a week.

When you need to remember something important, try creating a rich visual image of that thing.

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