Just by googling “word sentences” you can get a lot of examples.

It is possible to do both of these things separately, by devoting parts of your learning time to each individual task.
If you’re reading a text that comes with audio, for example, play the audio while you read.

Anki allows you to review anywhere. Learn memorizing techniques for mastering grammar, vocabulary, and more by checking out How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language. Before I tell you my association words, this time I'll tell you a strange story first: “My moment has finally arrived, after years of training and competitions and hard work, I have done it!! This process works particularly well for lists, speeches and text. No amount of stretching of the imagination will really get a similarly sounding English word from a word that doesn't even contain a vowel in the middle… so I'll invent vowels and make it easier!

It is much more efficient, however, to do both at once; to listen while you read, and read while you listen.. Here are 100 advanced English words which should you be able to use them in a sentence will impress even educated native speakers!

In short: memorize the first chunk, memorize the next chunk, review them together, then repeat this process. The crazier and sillier the sentence the better!

100 words to Impress an Examiner! So as an activity for you to practice, the next time you’re learning a list of new vocabulary, try to create whole sentences or phrases out of them and learn them that way. Are you trying to memorize a list?

One of the best ways to remember words in order is by using a rhyming system.

If the information you want to memorize is larger than 20 chunks, then break it up into multiple sets of ~20 chunks and apply the same process to the sets (i.e. The Secret Tool for Memorizing New Vocabulary By Ethan | February 1, 2013 ... so you can decrease the amount of time you spend studying and increase the amount that you learn. Use a rhyming system to link information to common words. Perfect if you want to impress the examiner in examinations like: IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge CAE and CPE. Anki makes learning vocabulary easier, more fun, and more intuitive. The problem is, of course, that you still have to memorize the acronym, song, or association, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll get good at coming up with creative and useful connections.

What I like to do when I come across a word I haven’t heard before is to look up its definition in a dictionary, AND get some example sentences where it is used.

The important thing to remember is that you’re condensing lots of individual parts down to one or just a few larger chunks. Just to share, you could try vocabulary builders like the ok English app and the A Dozen Words Daily app to revise, practice or expand your vocabulary at your own pace. And: The longer you think about acronyms or associations, the better will you remember the words that come with it.

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