4) Get in touch with your module leader.

A mantra doesn’t have to be long – it just needs to get you excited. When you have mountains of homework ahead of you, getting started can seem like an impossible task. That’s de-motivating right from the outset. Only advice is face it head on and and get it done, once you start it's not so bad and the sense of relief when it's finished is enormous. The clearer the directions are, the faster you finish the journey! How to Get Motivated to Study. Like this – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Make sure you communicate with your module leader and get any of your questions answered. 6) Get organised An obvious one, but still something that loads of students neglect to do. 0. I have coursework to hand in by Friday but it's almost complete, an exam on Thursday and another one on Monday (not looking forward to that one at all). How To Get Motivated Today: 7 Tips #7 Find Your Mantra.

When you’re tired, lazy, slacking – it’s those few words that remind you what matters to you and get you to take action. Sometimes even before we get started on our coursework there might be details we are unsure about.

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